3D Kit Designer compatible with WordPress


So far the most challenging and complex project we have created at RWD/3RAX TEAM

The key features are :

– A custom made 3D Kit designer for rugby and sports wear compatible with WordPress. Created with canevas and javascript, it allows players or teams captains to create and dynamically render almost everything they have in mind from the basic to the most complex sports wear designs. This 3D kit designer also has a dedicated backend WordPress interface : Our client XSG, does not needs particular web skills and can use the WordPress interface to add their sports wear base designs collections (png images) created by in house designers. XSG is now able to create as many Kit designers as they want. They can extend their business in the growing “online customized wear” market, and this for all the sports they cover. This kind of backend/frontend flexibility and UI friendly interface was very challenging to create and integrate under WordPress.

We are proud at RWD of what has been accomplished for this project and our collaboration with XSG staff and manager.


The website also use a custom Woocommerce area called “Club House”: It uses social marketing : Allow players and supporters to purchase team kit and club supporter kit, direct online through your own private store. Our design team will put togheter items to sell on your behalf. Great way for clubs to generate revenue.


We are proud to have integrated such complex project under WordPress: That kind of project usually requires custom php non-user friendly interface and for the company to hire a in house programmer to manage and maintain php and JS scripts. Integrating this project under WordPress allows XSG to take advantage of this powerful CMS, the huge collection of free handful plugins, scripts, security updates… Self manage and create new products for the 3D kit or their website customized Clubhouse without the help of a in house programer which is a big advantage for the company.